Dr Kirsten Jackson & Dr Victoria Kö-Peternelj 

Dental Vet was started in 2010 by Dr Jackson and has grown to be Western Australia’s first and only dedicated veterinary equine dentistry clinic. It is the only equine dental hospital in WA and one of the very few in Australia with the trained staff, experience and equipment to be able to perform endodontics (‘root canals’) and restorations (‘fillings’) so you will have all the available options at Dental Vet.


Our Team

Dr Kirsten Jackson

Veterinary Surgeon
BSc BVMS (hons)
MANZCVS (Equine Dentistry)

In 2007, Dr Kirsten Jackson completed her veterinary studies at Murdoch University, Western Australia, passing her degree with honours. Immediately after, she worked as an equine veterinarian for just over two years. During this time, she took on most of the dentistry work at the practice and quickly realised it was a huge area of often undiagnosed pain in horses. This led her to complete numerous courses in equine dentistry and develop a keen interest in the subject.

In 2010, Dr Kirsten Jackson started ‘Dental Vet’ as she could see there was a genuine need in Western Australia for quality dental care. In 2012, she became one of only a few veterinarians across Australia and New Zealand to achieve Australia’s highest qualification in equine dentistry. After extensive examination, she became a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Equine Dentistry.

In 2013 Dr Jackson began her research, trying to find a cause and treatment/ management for equine peripheral dental caries (tooth decay), which was very prevalent in Western Australia. After 8 years and 7 publications in leading international journals she was awarded her PhD from the University of Western Australia. Links to these publications can be found under ‘Research and Lecturing’. She is passionate about furthering the field of equine dentistry and is continuing her research, developing new materials for endodontics (‘root canals’) in horses and treatments for peripheral caries so we can help not only our own patients here, but horses all around the world.

Dr Kirsten Jackson is passionate about equine dentistry and continuing her education, having completed numerous courses in advanced horse dentistry, worldwide. She travels the world to spend time with and learn from veterinary dental specialists who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in equine dentistry. She also collaborates with human dentists to help progress what is possible in her equine patients. Dr Jackson is passionate about bringing this knowledge back to Western Australia to ensure horses here are provided with the very best care and up-to-date techniques and equipment the world has to offer.

Outside of work, Kirsten enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering for the animal charity Animal Aid Abroad.

Dr Tory Ko-Peternelj

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Tory completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch in 2019. After graduating she embarked on a gap year consisting mainly of travelling and visiting family in Europe as well as eventing on her own horses. She then spent some time working in the swan valley and now thoroughly enjoys her time working both at Oldbury Equine Vet and Dental Vet. Tory enjoys all aspects of equine veterinary medicine and surgery including radiography and dentistry.

Outside of work, Tory enjoys riding and competing on her own horses, as well as going to the gym and spending weekends away camping throughout WA.

Dr TORY KO-PETERNELJQualifications
TARA RAMSAYQualifications
Dental Assistant

Tara Ramsay

Tara was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand before moving to Perth in 2011 with her husband, Alistair and 2 children, Caleb and Logan. Tara has always loved and been surrounded by animals but has always had a particular passion for horses.

She rode horses throughout her teens before having break and picking it up again in 2012. Having wanted to work with horses in some capacity, she pursued a course in bit fitting where she is working towards her accreditation with BitBank Australia. She started in her current role at Dental Vet in October 2020 and is now aspiring to undertake her Cert IV qualification in Veterinary Nursing.

Her menagerie consists of two horses – Fire, a 23yo Arab (retiree) and Ella, a 5yo Warmblood X GRP with plans to event in the near future. Lastly Felix, an 8yo longhair domestic cat who seems to have managed to successfully train her husband better than she has! When not working, she likes to spend time with friends and family, watching sport (cricket, her other passion!), riding and competing on her mare.