Dr Kirsten Jackson

Dr Jackson has been passionate about horses and their care since childhood. She is a qualified and highly experienced veterinarian who has continued her education and qualifications in veterinary equine dentistry.

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Dr Kirsten Jackson

BSc BVMS (hons)
MANZCVS (Equine Dentistry)

In 2007, Dr Kirsten Jackson completed her veterinary studies at Murdoch University, Western Australia, passing her degree with honours. Immediately after, she worked as an equine veterinarian for just over two years. During this time, she treated a wide variety of cases, allowing her to gain a broad knowledge of equine veterinary medicine and surgery.

Dr Kirsten Jackson gained knowledge in dentistry as she conducted most of those procedures at the practice. She realised dentistry was a huge area of often undiagnosed pain in horses, which led her to complete numerous courses in equine dentistry and develop a keen interest in the subject.

In 2010, Dr Kirsten Jackson started ‘Dental Vet’ as she could see there was a genuine need in Western Australia for quality dental care. Horses experienced real pain, which often came from undiagnosed conditions that could not be detected from a ‘quick feel’ of the teeth and ‘rasping some sharp points’.

In June 2012, she became one of only a few veterinarians across Australia and New Zealand to achieve Australia’s highest qualification in equine dentistry. After extensive examination, she became a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Equine Dentistry.

Dr Kirsten Jackson is passionate about equine dentistry and continued her education by completing numerous courses in advanced horse dentistry, worldwide. She travels the world to spend time with and learn from veterinary dental specialists who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in equine dentistry. She also collaborates with human dentists to help progress what is possible in her equine patients.

Part of Dr Kirsten Jackson’s passion was to bring this knowledge back to Western Australia to ensure horses here are provided with the very best care and up-to-date techniques and equipment the world has to offer.

Ebony Darnell is Dr Kirsten’s Equine Dental Assistant, and their combined equine veterinary knowledge and significant equine and riding experience, means the Dental Vet team have the expertise and skills to ensure your horse reaches their full potential, free from oral discomfort.